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the mall was doing promotional activities
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THEMA: the mall was doing promotional activities

the mall was doing promotional activities 4 Jahre, 2 Monate her #58

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A few years ago, my boyfriend wanted to work in a unfamiliar city, and I went with him.When I got there, I found out that my friends were lying about pyramid schemes.We tried to sneak out, but we didn't bring our credentials and money.It was cold. We wandered in the street. My trembling look made my boyfriend feel guilty.In order to comfort him, I put on a strong smile and said, "Luckily, we did not lose love. "

The next day was Christmas, and the mall was doing promotional activities. It suddenly occurred to me that on Christmas Eve, my boyfriend would always buy me delicately wrapped apples as a gift, saying it was a symbol of safety and peace.

"There's a way!" I felt the only 100 yuan in my pocket, pulled my boyfriend, ran to the fruit market, and bought two boxes of big red apples. Go to the roadside gift shop and buy wrapping paper. All night, my boyfriend name necklace and I kept busy, and finally, the original ordinary apple, with exquisite packaging, looked very beautiful. My boyfriend also made costume jewelry a billboard which says "Christmas apple, 5 yuan each one".

On the second day, with a sense of anxiety, we opened https://www.lovmer.com a booth at the door of a school. Unexpectedly, business is surprisingly good. Many people choose to buy, some say they want to send friends. I hope they are safe and smooth; others want to give lovers, hoping that love will be more sweet.

At night, there were only 4 apples left. My boyfriend and I couldn't hide our surprise. But we still keep our eyes on the passers-by, hoping to wait for the last customers.

Finally, a boy came up and said, "Buy two apples, give them to your girlfriend for luck!"'I greeted him warmly. The boy hesitated and said, "Can it be cheaper? My girlfriend and I went out to work and she was sick and in hospitalized for many days." Before the boy finished talking, my boyfriend had taken two beautiful apples and sent them to him. I also whispered, "May your girlfriend recover soon!" The boy thanked happily and went away eagerly with the apple. Seeing his distant shadow, my boyfriend and I couldn't help smiling.

"I want to buy the last two apples!" at this time, a fashionable girl stood in front of us. The girl bought the apple, but smiled and said, "this is for you, custom necklaces merry Christmas!"

"I passed by on business, and there was no friend who could give gifts. Besides, you send good wishes to personalized necklace others, and let me also bless the kind of you! "The girl turned and disappeared into the night.

I do not know when, the sky floated white snow, but holding the last fruit of peace, our hearts, filled with spring-like warmth.
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